About Behavioral Health Connection

The Behavioral Health Connection (BHC) is a joint initiative between the Pennsylvania Department of Aging APPRISE Program and the Behavioral Health Community.  BHC's role is to ensure that mental health consumers have appropriate access to the APPRISE Network and other Center for Medicare & Medicaid Customer Service Programs. BHC offers technical assistance to local APPRISE Programs to support  mental health consumers in obtaining necessary Medicare Services to meet their mental health treatment needs, especially prescription drugs.


  • Assists consumers in accessing necessary behavioral health Medicare/Medicaid services, especially medications by linking consumers with resources
  • Resolves case referrals pertaining to inability to access behavioral health medications
  • Educates the behavioral health community about the APPRISE Program and how to access services
  • Advocates for consumers to access Medicare/Medicaid services
  • Provides technical assistance to the APPRISE Program on behavioral health issues
  • Identifies system gaps in service provision and service needs for behavioral health consumers
  • Collects data from behavioral health consumers and APPRISE counselors to create system improvement
  • Develops collaborative relationships with the behavioral health community.



Behavioral Health Connection

Hosted by the: Pennsylvania Behavioral Health & Aging Coalition
525 South 29th Street
Harrisburg, PA 17104


 1-866-588-0223 x115
Email: bhc@olderpa.org


525 South 29th Street  |  Harrisburg, PA 17104  |  717-541-4219Click here to go to the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline website

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